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Branding Mysteries Success Stories!

“Could I pay you more than you charge me?”

One of our life-coach clients told us recently that she is always asking other coaches she knows what is included in their coaching and how much they pay.

Because life not as compartmentalized as we often try to make it, our branding and marketing consulting offers a comprehensive worldview that causes a client to meet themselves for the first time.

While we were initially hired for a limited project, it became necessary to expand what we offered, which we were able to do because of both a broad and deep arsenal of life experience, so that it allowed her to raise the bar in her coaching, and thus attract more clients and be able to charge them more because she had more to offer.


Family laughingstock

Family reunions and Thanksgiving get-togethers evoke a variety of emotions. Mr. “I am still writing my book” got to the point of never wanting to face the family again because they kept asking him, “Do you have your book done yet? When is your book going to be done?”

While he was working very hard on his book, for over 6 years, he got tired of being the brunt of the family jokes. When we met and told him that his book could be done within 6 months, he didn’t know whether to believe us or not.

Our teaching on “How to Write a Book in a Weekend” took the mystery out of what had seemed like an insurmountable mountain in the past. After several sessions that brought harmony to his branding, bringing together his identity, the content of his material, his desire to be a speaker, and a way of marketing that had integrity that matched the author’s, he was able to get a working deck copy of his book in less than the six months promised.

What do you think he took to his next family gathering? Yes, you are right — a copy of his book!

“I have tried everything I can think of!”

Feet dragging, chin almost touching the carpet, brilliant, amazing, but discouraged and ready to give up, unable to make a living by marketing his great ideas...

For years, this delightful, intelligent man had been thinking that he needed to improve the content of his teaching product, when in reality, he needed a change in perspective. He needed to reframe the problem and see that it was his lack of understanding the branding and marketing of his ideas that was making him work way too hard for too little.

Always a quick study, he was able to catch the vision that gave him a new lease on life.





















"I am an ex-President of a customer relationships management software development firm, and continuously study customer relationship, client management, marketing and technology.  I can honestly say that Dr. Marlene has provided a primer that covers all the basics that are necessary to have an effective online business."

~ Bruce Brinick



"I just wanted to Thank-you!  I have owned my own business for over 15 years and I learned more in one hour from you about smart cost efficient ways to grow my business than I have learned in many seminars put together.  Your distinctive teaching style and unique ideas are priceless!"

~ Donna Mixon
Owner of MD Resort



" I have to tell you, these ladies really have the inside track to helping you get more out of the internet and every bit of marketing that you're doing. "

~ Pat Dougher
Dougher Success Marketing Systems
Done For You Marketing For Businesses
TV show host of Learning from Leaders



Our friend paid a high-dollar “Marketing Coach” mega bucks and didn’t get even the basics of what you teach in your course.  Thank you Dr. Marlene and Jackie, for being so practical and thorough.

~ Jeff Clark
Bremen, IN